Thousands of Miles from Home


The Songs

Here you will find music from Japan. Famous bands, not so famous, english, japanese, anything goes. Updated as I see fit. Thanks to Panda[] for music references!

TLTC (toughluck, trashcan) - I absolutely love the vocals on this song. And who can beat a name like "toughluck, trashcan?"
Neon Soda - Bubbly goodness for you to enjoy.

Muffin - Another great mellow band with nice guitar work
Rain - Sleepy time is right around the corner

The Bad Spellers - This band certainly has the indie edge, so I hope you dig the electric keyboard riffs
Girls Say Moshii - It's true!
In The Event We Are Rescued - From the album "Girls Say Moshii"

Hyontan - A little Japanese epic rock for you to enjoy
"宇宙の傍らで" - Hyotan means "gourd," so that makes this the Gourd song!

StereoVision - One of my friend's favorite bands in Japan. Singing in english
Seventeen - Something about these lyrics make me laugh. But I like their cd.

HOOP - One of the bands at my school. Members are Wataru (guitar), Yasu (drums), and Kiyoto (bass) Singing in english, GREAT lyrics if you can understand them :D
Take My Hand - If the band released a single this would be it


  • I see that your taste in music hasn't changed since you have been in Japan. If you had only gone to Austria...

    By mom, at 8:11 AM  

  • hi... my name is tony and I play guitar and sing for the bad spellers. My girlfriend Yasuko plays keyboard! Anyway, wow. Thanks for putting us on your list.. it makes me feel really happy that people like our music enough to do with it something like this... :)

    Anyway, take care!!

    <3 tony

    By Anonymous, at 8:41 PM  

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