Thousands of Miles from Home


The Glossary

Hello Sports Fans! Welcome to the unofficial non spell-checked Glossary of Japan. Hopefully this list of people, places, and general knowledge will aid you in your reading of my blog. If not, send me some suggestions at Enjoy!

Andee Lim - Exchange student from Malaysia who goes to my school (not in Rotary)
Bizen - A type of traditional Japanese pottery (Also a city about an hour from my house)
Cori Reed - Exchange student from Canada
Doe - A deer, a female deer
ESS - The "English Speaking Society," a not-so-secret club at school where kids with an interest in English speaking come to have fun
Hakama - skirt-like pants worn during various japanese matrial arts, including kendo and kyudo. In kendo, used to obscure foot movements from opponents
Hashi - Chopsticks, sometimes referred to as O-hashi. Materials vary from wood and plastic to ivory and bone
Hiragana - Syllabic writing system for Japanese words
Janna Hall - Exchange student from Virginia
John Davey - English teacher at my school from Canada
Judo - Japanese martial art involved in throwing your opponent
Kanji - System of Japanese writing based on Chinese characters
Katakana - Syllabic writing system for borrowed or foreign words
Koji - My friend at high school who happens to have a nice website full of poetry
Konan High School - A very difficult High School attended by my first Host brother, Shun
Kendo - Japanese martial art involving the sword (shinai)
Kyudo - Japanese martial art involving the bow (yumi)
Mai Watanabe - My host sister, 21, who is studying Dentistry in Chiba
Masatoshi Watanabe - My host father, a children's physician, who enjoys going to lectures and collecting all things dog-related
Miyu Watanabe - My host sister, 18, who is studying English in Kobe
Mayumi Kawai - My second host mother, who works as a pharmacist. Is always laughing (hopefully not a result of the drugs)
MES - My second host father's place of work, Mitsui Engineering & Shipbuilding Co., Ltd. Check it out on the web
Okayama - The Prefecture of Japan in which I live
Okayama City - About an hour away by train or bus, lots of entertainment
Osamu Kawai - My second host father. Oversees the chemical plant of the the MES shipbuilding corporation
Purikura - Shortened form of "Print Club" translated into Japanese, sort of an awesome photo booth
Saeki-san - My next door neighbors in Tai. The father, Jirou, is an excellent guitar player. The mother, Harumi, is a good cook. The son, Takurou, goes to Konan, the same school as my first host brother, Shun
Sensei - Title given to doctors, teachers, and various other professional positions
Shinkansen - High speed bullet train
Shoko Watanabe - My host mother, enjoys painting
Shun Watanabe - My host brother, 16 years old
Sumo - Japan's traditional form of wrestling. Competitors enter the ring (dohyo) wearing only the waistband-loincloth (mawashi)
Tai - The part of Tamano where my second host family, Kawai-san, lives
Tamano - My town in Japan
Tamano High School - Also known as Tamako, about 15 minutes away by bike
Tanaka-san - A man who lives close to my house and has traveled the world, picking up many languages. He teaches english for free and sometimes I help in the evenings
Tomoya Kawai - My second host brother. Plays the base and attends Uno Middle School
Wataru - My friend who is a 3rd year student at Tamano High School. Plays in a band called HOOP with three other Tamano High School students