Thousands of Miles from Home


The Videos

Hello! On this page you will find a wide assortment of videos from Japan. Most are in AVI format, so enjoy...

Hadaka Matsuri "Naked Festival" in Saidaiji

Through the streets of Saidaiji
Running to the temple
Drum ceremony before the shingi are thrown

Guitar Zamurai

I am Guitar Zamurai

Tamano High School Festival and Sports Day

The opening ceremony of the school festival
Relay Race
Singing Blink 182's "The Rock Show" at the school festival
Rock Show part II
The winning group demonstration at the sports day (only a piece of the action but still stunning)
Karaoke at the school festival

Festival in Kurashiki

The crowd and cart entering the shrine
Taking the cart up and down the steps (which were covered in sand to make it easier)
Running back and forth with the ropes
Picking up the cart

Various Other Videos

Tom and I on stilts
Large boulders are no match for me
Park-san at Karaoke
Video of the typhoon's effect on a flooded street (featuring Yuudai)
The AC/DC jazz song at Shun's school festival
Hey Ho, Let's Go
Wataru on guitar


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