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Would You Like Some Tea?

In school all of the windows can be easily opened, unlike the harsh heavy wooden-frames portals of MHS. And the curtains blow in the wind, fanning out over the classroom. I can imagine Kenley would enjoy that, for I can easily picture her in a house by the sea with wind from open windows teasing white curtains and a summer dress.

There is one building at school which has four floors, while the others can boast only three. It houses courses like science, english, and art, but I find it particularly perplexing that the computer lab is located on the fourth floor. It must have been tough to get all those computers and monitors up four flights of stairs. However, this multi-tiered building provides the best view of the town, and on a clear day from the highest balcony you can see Tamano nestled between rocky ridges before the sea.

In school the art teacher is perhaps the most recognizable character, and although I only have his class once a week, and lack general artistic ability, it remains one of my favorites. The art teacher bears a striking resembelence to my idea of the "typical art teacher," reminiscent of Mr. Green. He also drives a large jeep of some kind with numerous stickers and logos, and wears jeans and a t-shirt with a sort of workbelt where most teachers prefer slacks and a tie. His room is filled with the typical art class adornments such as posters, sculpture, paintings, photographs, and an impressive set of Helanistic plaster busts of various figures.

Last night after sushi dinner Shoko, Tom, and I went to a neighbor's house for a traditional japanese tea ceremony. I will describe it in more detail later, once I can get some pictures, but it was very peaceful. I found it difficult to sit in the "japanese style" for an extended period of time, but managed to make it through two cups of tea and some sweets. There were two women at the ceremony, an older lady who was the instructor, and her student who performed the actualy ceremony. They invited me to come on Thursday evenings and perhaps I will learn the ceremony myself.


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