Thousands of Miles from Home


Tuition might be killing me, but the petty cash flows freely 

Slight Exploit

I highly advocate the Department of Brain and Cognitive Sciences as a side job. Ca$h money y’all.


Sunset over Simmons 

There are way more chairs in this room than people 

Bill and I on the campus of BU 

Bill, debating eating babies... 

Dorna and I 

Looking out over the Charles from Boston 

From the roof of Theta Chi 

To echo my thoughts on football, MIT also has a damn fine volleyball team 

Fireworks in Boston 


Let's Talk

This weekend, Bill Magnuson and I took advantage of the entertaining, ludicrous, and slightly depressing world of college debate.  The format is simple; two people debate a topic against two other people, each showing how the other side is clearly wrong.  This is fun with inexperienced people because they don’t take it seriously enough to care about the outcome of the match.  I soon discovered this large underground contingent of debaters on the “national debate circuit” who have been doing this for most of their life and generally take the fun out of the whole debate procedure.  They share secret phrases and handshakes, talk about “running steno vs. anti-fem,” and do a pretty good job of pretending they are better than you.  That’s not everyone, otherwise I wouldn’t even be interested in debating, but I can see a few who fit that mold.  It’s also a little scary to be able to debate either side of a case, even if you know it’s wrong, with such enthusiasm.  I’ll file that somewhere under “life skills.”

I was thoroughly shocked and amazed to see Dorna at the BU tournament, representing UPenn.  Sadly Ashu did not make the trip.

I’ll probably continue this debate and see where it takes me.  Well, I know where it’s physically taking me; a free trip to Stanford and NYU.  Until then, I’ll suffice with a nice conversation between friends and fireworks on the roof.


For all you skeptics, MIT does indeed have a football team and we won this game 24-4, an impressive, albeit rare, score 

A sunny day on the Great Dome 

My first trip to see the Sox play 

Miss Whitney Weiss 

And a silly picture of me 

A sold out game at Fenway Park 

Here comes the pitch... 

Everyone on their feet for the Sox's homerun! 

A shot into right field 

Peanuts and Crackerjacks

I had a wonderful trip to Fenway Park with the Weisses from Jacksonville. The Sox were killed 12-3, but the weather held out for the game. Afterwards I was treated to a delicious Italian meal and curbside service back to my dorm. What a lovely day.


Sandwiches inside Lobby 7 

The great dome 

Inside lobby 7 

The Infinite Corridor 

The doors of 77 Mass Ave 

Disproving gravity here at MIT 

Let's Go To The Hop

So I’ve been a bit quiet recently.  It’s been hectic, I’ll admit.  I do have lots of news, however, of varying degrees of excitement.

I saw Seu Jorge in concert which was riveting. 150 people dancing inside an auditorium, perhaps he would have been better suited to a club scene.  Some good clean fun for the evening.

I also joined the school newspaper, The Tech.  I’ve written two articles for the past few publications, about Freshman Rush and sounds from the ionosphere, which you can read here and here.

In a surprise move, I pledged Theta Chi.  I was rather vehemently opposed to the fraternity system before entering college so I guess it took a lot to change my mind.  I think it was a good move but we’ll see how everything plays itself out.

I’m busy moving from one task to the next, but trying to avoid the feeling that I’m not accomplishing much of anything.  I am getting paid for some of this hustle and bustle, in reward for my time spent inside an MRI machine looking at moving dots.  Paul Aparicio, a graduate student in the Department of Brain and Cognitive Sciences recruited me as a test subject studying the area of the brain called the “MT” region, which processes motion.  I sit in a machine, it makes loud noises, and they pay me money.  I get to learn a little about the brain and how to use the Boston subway system.

The view from my dorm room is encouraging, with the sun reflecting off the Charles by morning, the Boston skyline at night, and a fleet of sailboats on the weekends.  The weather remains warm but I can tell that autumn is approaching.

I have a three day weekend, thanks to the obscure Constitution Day.  The Weiss family is coming from Florida, with tidings of good cheer and some Red Sox tickets.  In the meantime, I’ll be cleaning my room.


Is that John Vanderslice? Posted by Picasa

During the song "Continuation" Posted by Picasa

John, myself, and the morning DJ Posted by Picasa

Almost Spooky

Bernard informed me that John Vanderslice would be playing a free show at Lorem Ipsum Books this Friday.  Checking his website for directions, I was surprised to see that John was also coming to the MIT campus for the radio show “Breakfast of Champions,” starting at 8AM.  And so it was that I spent the morning dumbstruck in a sound booth with John Vanderslice while he played some cuts from his new record “Pixel Revolt.”  After the show we chatted about his life growing up (he was almost thrown from a moving car while battling a bad flu), I shook his hand, and left for a 9AM physics class.

Absolutely ridiculous.


My old place with room mate Thomas Carr Posted by Picasa

Due to the underexposure in this shot, it gives an odd impression as to how much light actually enters the room Posted by Picasa

Currently a bit messy Posted by Picasa

A view of Boston from my bed Posted by Picasa

My room mates, trying to remove a bookshelf Posted by Picasa

Learning is Fun

Looks like classes have begun, let’s get ready to rumble.


:D Young Love Posted by Picasa

Pool Hall Blues (and greens) Posted by Picasa

Hott Posted by Picasa

Micah, hacking his pants off with a steak knife Posted by Picasa

Da' Girls Posted by Picasa

Typical Ashwin Posted by Picasa

Smiley (and white) Posted by Picasa

Quite a fight Posted by Picasa

Dead (to rights) Posted by Picasa

Oh Noooooo! Posted by Picasa

Kostya, co-starring in Sin City Posted by Picasa

Ladies and Gentlemen, Mr. Brian Williams Posted by Picasa

This is one of those odd moments where the planets align and two people who may not have ever shared more than a few sentences together take a good picture Posted by Picasa

Boyz in Da Hood Posted by Picasa

See, I have a few friends Posted by Picasa

Over there! Posted by Picasa

Smiles all around (a rare one from Darien) Posted by Picasa

Micah and I, together again in the US, with salt water taffy in lieu of ice cream Posted by Picasa

Another strange photo, eating contest perhaps? Posted by Picasa

Where did these guys come from? Posted by Picasa

Mike Cardi, special guest for the evening Posted by Picasa

Bernard, on the geetar Posted by Picasa

Darien, in a hurry for something Posted by Picasa

Zak and Miss Mimi Posted by Picasa

Perhaps the strangest photo ever captured inside my house Posted by Picasa

Shhhhhh! Posted by Picasa

Where it's at, the double hat Posted by Picasa

This one's for you, Carter (and Ting), wherever you are Posted by Picasa

It's a Moral Imperative (Real Genius Rip)

See, however much we change in college, at one point we all knew how to have a good time.

George's Island Fort Posted by Picasa

Awww Posted by Picasa

Boat wake over the Charles Posted by Picasa

The newest craze sweeping the nation, Gangsta' Point Posted by Picasa

Senor Perna Posted by Picasa

Construction at East Campus, mainly a lazy river Posted by Picasa

DME group shot Posted by Picasa

Getting friendly with the MIT mascot Posted by Picasa

A slightly damaged robot Posted by Picasa

Soo, spokesman for "The Huge Clowns" Posted by Picasa

Robot mayhem Posted by Picasa

The massive east/west water war Posted by Picasa

Tossing a balloon Posted by Picasa

Tipping the siege cannons Posted by Picasa

Solder Master Posted by Picasa

The Discover Mechanical Engineering group Posted by Picasa

Louis and I Posted by Picasa

Manning the rigging Posted by Picasa

Louis and Sarah Posted by Picasa

My first outing in a sailboat, or dinghy, one of the two Posted by Picasa

Liz, with skyscraper in hand Posted by Picasa

Sailing, a luxury of the privileged class (just kidding) Posted by Picasa

Sunset over the Charles Posted by Picasa

A Week Zooms Past...

What a whirlwind couple of days. Between building a remote controlled robot, free food, trips to George’s Island, orientation procedures, picking classes, whiffleball in lobby 7, and racing Athena chairs underneath the Infinite Corridor, there isn’t much time for sleep, or blogging for that matter. But that will change shortly after I move into a more permanent room and get a better hold on Boston and the surrounding area. Lately I’ve been taking regular trips to the top of Baker House, my dorm, to stare at the Boston skyline, which might be the most beautiful sight I’ve seen in a while.

I’m starting to pick some “after school activities,” which I’ve narrowed down to crew, a possible research opportunity, and a little bit of climbing. I also found an application to get published in The Tech, which would be cool if I could develop any sort of consistent writing ability on a meaningful topic.

And as usual, a nice slideshow for the viewing audience…