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A Week Zooms Past...

What a whirlwind couple of days. Between building a remote controlled robot, free food, trips to George’s Island, orientation procedures, picking classes, whiffleball in lobby 7, and racing Athena chairs underneath the Infinite Corridor, there isn’t much time for sleep, or blogging for that matter. But that will change shortly after I move into a more permanent room and get a better hold on Boston and the surrounding area. Lately I’ve been taking regular trips to the top of Baker House, my dorm, to stare at the Boston skyline, which might be the most beautiful sight I’ve seen in a while.

I’m starting to pick some “after school activities,” which I’ve narrowed down to crew, a possible research opportunity, and a little bit of climbing. I also found an application to get published in The Tech, which would be cool if I could develop any sort of consistent writing ability on a meaningful topic.

And as usual, a nice slideshow for the viewing audience…


  • hey! i've been reading your blog here for a while now throughout the year, i think you posted it on the rotary board way back when. i'm going on exchange next year.

    that's cool that you're in boston. i live in boston! haha have you been seeing any of the middle school kids playing "**** with the freshman"? high school kids dont really do it that much, cause...we're too cool for that, haha. but the middle school kids do, cause their assholes :D, and they just mess with all the freshman in the city. there ar 500,000 students that just moved in, it's so weird, haha, everything is crowded again!

    do you live in kendall square now? i've only been there a couple times, and not for like 4 weeks, but it's ok. i prefer harvard sq. or davis sq. or copely sq. haha so many squares! you should check out quicey market(i forget how you spell it). but it's right on the red line on the braintree split. it's cool for people that just move here. oh yea, you gotta get yourself a T pass too. i have a student T pass so i get on everything for half price. i used to have a REAL pass, but that expired unfortunatly.

    have fun in boston! it's a cool place!
    you should read this, it's the truest thing i've ever read in my entire life haha:

    By jake, at 11:04 PM  

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