Thousands of Miles from Home


The colonial streets of Boston Posted by Picasa

Massive buildings abound Posted by Picasa

A morning fruit market Posted by Picasa

Over the bridge toward MIT Posted by Picasa

Beautiful days in Boston Posted by Picasa

MIT kids try their hand at batting practice Posted by Picasa

Whiffle Ballin' it up Posted by Picasa

An exciting piece of sculpture found while lost in Cambridge Posted by Picasa

Slightly blurry picture of the famous MIT dome Posted by Picasa


Magical Mystery Tour

Today I was awoken by my room mate, Thomas Carr (composer and musician), who moved in from Arlington, Virginia. Sarah came over and we walked into Boston where she bought a cell phone and a backpack, while I inquired about Verizon Wireless plans and places to boulder in the area. While Sarah was activating her phone, I found an amazing farmers market where I bought three juicy apples for a dollar.

After lunch at a noodle shop I played whiffle ball with a bunch of kids from the Discover Mechanical Engineering pre-orientation program. Surprisingly, MIT kids are more athletic than I expected.

I left the group to visit the Federal Credit Union and deposit some checks, then led myself on the most ridiculous and foolish tour of Cambridge (AKA I got really lost and ended up a few miles from campus). Sprinting back along the Charles, I had just enough time to take a shower and change clothes before the dinner banquet (which was quite casual). Following dinner the 35 or so kids in the program watched Die Hard 3, played Mafia, and a few of us took a walk to the penthouse of the Hilton, which was subsequently closed.

All night I have been hounded by friendly upperclassmen, which is a cool feeling.

Building robots tomorrow, wee!

I have a few prohibited items for you Posted by Picasa

Light puffy clouds leading into the distance Posted by Picasa

Making my descent into the Boston area Posted by Picasa

View over the awkwardly named "Harvard Bridge," leading from MIT to Boston proper Posted by Picasa

Lights on the horizon Posted by Picasa

Goodnight moon Posted by Picasa

And It Begins

I would love to recap the actual process that took me from Morgantown, West Virginia to the MIT campus, but it may be a futile, albeit time consuming attempt. And I'm ever so tired. Instead, I’ll appeal to your artistic sense with a few pictures from the journey.

Suffice to say, this is an amazing place.


Mr. Kostya Bakhurin, flower child Posted by Picasa

Nighttime, to the dock Posted by Picasa

Diverted attention Posted by Picasa

Lakehousin' it Posted by Picasa

Kostya and Andrea Posted by Picasa

Always climbing the walls Posted by Picasa

See-through Bily Brown Posted by Picasa

Amalia as Dick Tracy Posted by Picasa

Looking sharp from the GAP Posted by Picasa

No cakewalking? No goose-stepping? No skanking? Posted by Picasa

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Swinging off the bridge Posted by Picasa

Two "homeboys" Posted by Picasa

The Baptism of Robert Shank Posted by Picasa

Rahul, casting a spell Posted by Picasa

Country ropeswing Posted by Picasa

Miss Mimi Posted by Picasa

Evening Geetar Posted by Picasa

Mark Shoukry on liquids removal Posted by Picasa

Stripped Posted by Picasa

No Walls! Posted by Picasa

Removal of the classic "Stannard's Market" sign Posted by Picasa

From the catacombs of the farmhouse Posted by Picasa

The Seitz farmhouse Posted by Picasa

The see-saw of Death Posted by Picasa

Long Distance Runaround

It seems to have been some time since my last post, partially due to a camera malfunction (and mostly due to laziness). That being said, I’ll post a few photos of this week’s antics, including:

A shopping spree with Miss Lydia Pirner

Various parties in Morgantown

And a trip to Dr. Seitz’s farmhouse in Carlisle to remove furniture, books, and general oddities after a slight flood this winter

Stay tuned this Monday as I brave the travel industry on my way to Boston, MA.


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