Thousands of Miles from Home


Magical Mystery Tour

Today I was awoken by my room mate, Thomas Carr (composer and musician), who moved in from Arlington, Virginia. Sarah came over and we walked into Boston where she bought a cell phone and a backpack, while I inquired about Verizon Wireless plans and places to boulder in the area. While Sarah was activating her phone, I found an amazing farmers market where I bought three juicy apples for a dollar.

After lunch at a noodle shop I played whiffle ball with a bunch of kids from the Discover Mechanical Engineering pre-orientation program. Surprisingly, MIT kids are more athletic than I expected.

I left the group to visit the Federal Credit Union and deposit some checks, then led myself on the most ridiculous and foolish tour of Cambridge (AKA I got really lost and ended up a few miles from campus). Sprinting back along the Charles, I had just enough time to take a shower and change clothes before the dinner banquet (which was quite casual). Following dinner the 35 or so kids in the program watched Die Hard 3, played Mafia, and a few of us took a walk to the penthouse of the Hilton, which was subsequently closed.

All night I have been hounded by friendly upperclassmen, which is a cool feeling.

Building robots tomorrow, wee!


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