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Welcome to winter, everyone. Frosty early morning bike rides are now on the menu so make sure to stock the gloves, hats, hand warmers, and scarves.

In a bit of interesting news, this blog is now syndicated and hosted on Japan Brats under the "Gaijin Blogs" section, so feel free to mosey on over and check out the festivities. Also, the glossary section is currently undergoing additions to reflect my second host family. Finally, a new "enjoyables" section has been added to the sidebar where you can visit world-travel related websites as well as those made by my friends here in Japan.

As for recent activities, this weekend is a well-needed reprise from not only the icy blasts of winter but also numerous weekday engagements. The ESS club hosted a "Lost in Translation" after school viewing party, which left me refreshed and in a wonderful mood. I also found the movie considerably more hilarious, understandable, and poignant the second time around. Following the movie I biked home as fast as possible to get ready for a dinner party at Neil's, an english teacher from Boston working at Tamano Commercial High School. He is way into frisbee, and I belive joined the Okayama frisbee team earlier in the year. He is also an avid biker, making the hour trek to Okayama City on a regular basis. Although only a ten minute ride from Tai, his house wasn't the easiest to find and eventually resulted in my calling his house with a cellphone while he yelled off his balcony so I could follow his voice. He did however make a delicious chicken and pasta dish that reminded me of home. John Davey, Tamano High School's english teacher, came over from next door for dinner as well. Jez was feeling sick so couldn't join the fun.

I visited Shoko's house this week with Andee, who is sadly leaving the 5th of February. Jittan will soon follow on the 27th, which will leave me all alone (sort of) in the blustery port town of Tamano. But a large party is in the making, so at least they can go out in style.

Japanese school has been extended until July, which is good news for trips to Okayama. Expect pictures of interesting finds from the city soon.


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