Thousands of Miles from Home


It's everyone's favorite monster, Domo-kun! 


  • Peter here. Or Pi-sama. However it helps people remember me ^^;

    Looked out for you on my last day at school - coincidentally the first for everyone else - but could only spot you at the opening ceremony, not after to say bye. Still!

    Found the blog. Hope you don't mind.

    Oh, and where on earth did you dig up a genuine Domo-kun plushie? I lucked out when my host sister gave me one she found lying around the house...and wasn't able to take them back by the thousands for all the friends that requested one...tell all! ^^;

    Hope you're having fun still! Cheers for the entertaining day! Interesting meeting others from all over the place that have come together from a common interest.


    By Shuji, at 5:08 AM  

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