Thousands of Miles from Home


The Story of Peachboy

This was the story I was relayed through a fury of Japanese and English on the ferry from Tamano to Shikoku:
A long time ago, there lived an old man and old woman in Okayama. They did not have any children, but wanted a child very badly (sound familiar?). One day, the old man went to cut wood on a mountainside, while the old woman washed clothes in a nearby stream. While washing the clothes, the old woman spotted a giant peach drifting down the stream. The old woman brought the peach home, and when the old man cut it open they found the Peachboy inside.
Now the Peachboy was very strong. He could lift large boulders with little effort (and leap tall buildings in a single bound). A great evil was plaguing the land ( a giant named Oni), and the peachboy offered take a journey to battle Oni and save the town. The old woman gave the peachboy some very sweet dumplings to take on his journey.
Along the way, the peachboy met a dog. The dog said it would help him fight Oni in exchange for some of the Peachboy's dumplings. The peachboy agreed, and the duo continued on their journey. Next the peachboy met a monkey who said the same thing as the dog. He also met a bird, etc. The boy, dog, monkey, and bird came to the island where Oni lived. In a reasonably short battle, the Peachboy defeated Oni and brought his treasure back to the old man and woman, who lived happily ever after.
Here comes the interesting part. As we're on the ferry, we spot an island in the distance.

the writing in white letters on the sign reads "Evil's Island"
Pretty spooky, eh?


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