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On the Ferry

Just returned from Skikoku island. Yesterday Shoko and Mai went to Okayama to shop in the morning. Shun and i were going to meet them in afternoon but shun had to stay late preparing for a school festival. in the afteroon, Masatoshi didn't have to give a lecture due to summer vacation so he drove me around town. We stopped at a bookstore and an electronics shop. He told me that he wants to buy an iPod, but is waiting for the price to go down. Sony offers an alternative that many people in japan use because the walkman is so popular.
I finished reading fear and loathing in las vegas, and moved on to another book in my stack from home. I also added a little more to my rotary speech; I will go to a meeting tomorrow. In the evening, Shoko, Mai, Miyu, and i went to a rotary sushi bar. you sit at a table while various plates of sushi whisk by on a conveyor belt. Very entertaining.
Today, Shoko, Mai, Shun, and I went to Shikoku island by ferry. The weather was very agreeable and many of the distant islands could be seen by boat. Along the way, in a mix of Japanese and Enlish, shoko and mai explained the legend of peach-boy, a local hero (legend to be added in a later entry)
When the ferry arrived in shikoku, we went to the top of the symbol tower, thirty stories above the island. This provided quite a nice view of the various surrounding cities, a vast landscape of buildings stretching into the horizon. We also visited Takamatsu Castle (also known as tamano castle) which is one of the three castles in japan with a saltwater moat. takamatsu castle was built in 1590 by Lord Ikoma, who ruled there for 54 years.
Shikoku is known for it's udon noodles, so we went to a local udon restaurant for lunch. Not only did i have udon, but also octopus, jellyfish, tempura, and sashimi. all delicious.
After lunch, we made a quick stop in the kagawa museum and took the ferry back home. shoko is making korean pancakes for dinner, and two of shun's friends are here. They want to know if I am #1. "Tsuge (pronounces soo-gei)" means cool here. Everything is tsuge.


  • I read that legend of the peach-boy. Do you want me to send it to you? It reminded me of you and the report on James and The Giant Peach

    By Katy, at 10:54 PM  

  • Symbol tower must have been fun! I was able to go to a rotary sushi restaurant as well. They keep refering to it as `Kuru Kuru`, which I think is the Japanese sound effect of that rotating belt.
    Oh and the word is `Suge` pronounced the same way you wrote`s the shortened form of `Sugoi` which means the same`ll probably hear it a lot

    By Rahul Syamlal, at 9:43 PM  

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