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Japanese Birthday

Today was what I will refer to as my Japanese birthday. In the morning I attended a rotary meeting, which was quite entertaining. It was held at a local golf course (my dad would be jealous), and I gave a speech which was well received. I was served lunch and played a kind of japanese chess, the name I cannot remember (Shumi?). Shoko also promised to teach me the game of Go. At the rotary meeting I met a girl from japan who had been on exchange to Texas. Her english was good and we chatted for a while about exchange and how excited I was; how much fun she had.
After the rotary meeting the real fun began. I visited my school whose name was a little confusing at first. Tamago means egg, and koko is the word for high school. The city is called Tamano, so Tamano high school is called Tamako for short. I kept thinking people were talking about eggs. At the school many people said Hello to me, and I was excited about my first day which is coming soon. First we went to pick up my school uniform, which looks very fancy and was completely paid for by the Tamano rotary club. It included a jacket, dress pants, gym shoes, dress sandals, gym shorts, dress shirt, gym shirt, and school tie. After a quick meeting with Sakaguchi-san, a very nice teacher who speaks excellent english, we decided that I would ride my bike to school. My schedule is still being decided.
When we returned home, Shoko took me to the bicycle store and told me to pick whichever bike I wanted, the cost would be covered by the rotary club (!!!). First some very nice looking clothing and now a new bicycle. No more riding to school with Shun on an old pink bicycle with two flat tires. I choose a flashy red bike, the Red Flyer as it shall be called.
In the evening, Shoko, Mai, Miyu, Shun, and I went bowling with some other exchange students. Zhang Shi, a girl from China, I had met before, and there was a new boy named Andee Lim from Malaysia. Andee's english was excllent, and we spent the evening talking about his country, Tamano high school, and the like. He enjoys computer games like counterstrike and warcraft. He has been on many clubs at school and I think we will be able to be in the same club. He is also taking advanced math which I plan to do. We bowled and played ping pong and had a great evening. He is staying with a host family very close to mine, so we will be able to ride to school together.


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