Thousands of Miles from Home


Special Guest

This weekend Mimi came all the way to Boston for the long weekend. We ate Thanksgiving dinner at Theta Chi, lovingly prepared by Sal and Ross; two alumni with a predilection for cooking. Rooftop photos were taken, museums were visited, and on Saturday Mimi and I took the bus to Providence, RI to visit Darien.

The Rhode Island School of Design, Darien’s college, is conveniently nestled between downtown Providence and Brown College. Darien gave us the grand tour of the area, including his massive penthouse-style dorm room build above an old bank that would make any college student jealous. His artwork is fantastic, as usual, and he’s been dabbling in video editing as of recent. I didn’t get to meet his room mates because they were still on vacation but some other students in the building stopped by for a game of Boggle.

That evening the three of us took a sidetracked walk from the graveyard to the riverfront where we found a most magnificent jungle gym. Consisting of rope connected in geometric figures, the large structure was an inquisitive child’s dream playground edifice. We played for a while, walking back through a construction site before dinner at Neath’s, a fancy restaurant near Darien’s dorm. Thoroughly exhausted and pleasantly stuffed, Mimi and I rode the bus back to Boston.

The rest of the weekend was a blur of smiles, bubble blowing, midnight expeditions to restricted pool sites, and candlelight fig pizzas. Sunday night Mimi surprised Jennifer at Harvard and sat in on a class the next day. The four day break was not my most productive but seeing friends from home made the last four months not seem so long. Strange how friends pick up right where they left off even after being apart.

Three more weeks left in the term.


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