Thousands of Miles from Home


Neil Pallaver's childhood home (I'll hope he's famous one day and this photo is worth millions) 


  • hehe, as I was reading down, I was wondering why you went to the end of the trail in Bedford! oops. you passed my old workplace too then.

    what sub shop did you eat at? and where in Lexington do the goldbergs live?

    Oh, and also, yes, my parents are just like me in that if it's a nice weekend, it's a safe bet that we're not gonna be hanging around the house at all. good to hear they knew to leave you your clothes behind in the garage. too bad you couldn't get a tour of my (humble) house and a fabulous home-cooked mom meal. another time, fo sure.

    By pallaver, at 9:56 PM  

  • geebus, neil, your house looks so new england! ;)

    i should show you pics of my CA ranch...

    By Claire, at 12:29 AM  

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