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Time For A Change

Over the weekend, Micah came all the way from Kanonji to hang with the fly Tamano crew. The festivities kicked off at Neil's house on Saturday night, followed by a packed BBQ on Sunday with the host family and most of Tai (two foreign exchange students in the same town, bring your friends!). I've scoured the pictures of Saturday night, but have come to the sad conclusion that it is unbloggable (which is really saying something because between Micah and I we took a ton of pictures). Perhaps I can find a few that aren't too risqué.

As for the rest of Micah’s time in Tamano (and because of reasons I will explain later), I am going to let the pictures do the talking. I promise it was a fantastic end to spring break.

Speaking of which, it is finally spring here in Japan. A time of new beginnings, as they say. The Sakura are blossoming, the weather is peachy, and most everyone I’ve spoken with is in a friendly spring kind of mood. In that vein, I also started back to school today as a second year student (cheers!). Neil threw a small BBQ party at his house in celebration of Miwako’s new job at the Mitsui Shipyard, and it was a joyous welcome for the coming school year.

But now for some big news: This Saturday, I will move to my third (and final) host family in Hachihama. It is a fairly remote part of Tamano, and I doubt I will have computer or Internet access. I have been told, however, that I can play guitar in the forest to attract small woodland animals to my location. I might also start a regular meditation schedule. Who knows! I will eventually find a way to continue updating the blog, so bare with me while I “switch it up” with the host family.

All kinds of new experiences, and a little over three months left of my time in Japan. Until next time...


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