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Another Trip To The City

While in Okayama after Japanese school I made another stop to the gallery near the symphony hall. The exhibit had been switched from last week's display, this time featuring the art of an autistic child in junior high school. He created five exhibits of astounding proportion. The first featured hand-drawn cartoon characters in colored pencil pasted on a massive wall and scattered about the floor. The sheer amount of drawings would be enough to catch anyone's attention. The second exhibit was a small model city created with clear-plastic buildings filled with colored liquid and projected on a wall with a high-powered lamp. The third exhibit was a series of drawings next to the fourth, a dozen or so stuffed animals of various sizes and shapes (reminded me of the animals decorating Bryn's* apartment in Morgantown). The fifth was a smaller recreation of the model city but with a white clay material lit from underneath with lamps. I couldn't believe that all displays were created by one child.

Also, at last week's english class with my host mother I took some photos of the infamous "Shogo" (otherwise knows as Darrell). He is quite a character, to say the least. Against my better judgment, I accepted a candy bar he offered me. No adverse effects experienced as of yet.

*Perhaps Brynn
**Update on the Music section, take a look**


  • Art Appreciation - A+

    Don't take candy from strange dudes

    By mom, at 6:53 AM  

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