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Raining Nekko and Inu -OR- Why I am not a Comedian

No school today because of a superlarge typhoon. This also means no japanese language school and no Kyudo. Bollocks. There are actually two typhoons comming, which will crisscross somewhere in japan. This whole scenario reminds me of the movie "Twister" with Helen Hunt where the two twisters merge into one large twister, which subsequently picks up a cow or some nonsense. But can't let a little typhoon spoil your day right? After a late breakfast I decided to venture out into the storm to "see what it was made of." Actually it just sounded exciting, I had no argument with the storm.

I didn't think an umbrella could do much against the wind and sideways rain, but Shun let me borrow his raincoat (which subsequently came down to my knees; looks like a job for rolled up jeans and Chaco's). Shoko took some pictures so we could get a good before and after comparison (I won't get my camera back until saturday, but no worries because not only does everyone's phone take 2.0 megapixel photos, but the Watanabes also have a digital camera). I was suprised that the rain wasn't too cold. Aside from not being able to see very well, it wasn't very distracting at all. I ran to the sea (laughing at times because of the wind) to get some pictures of the storm and also noticed some people in cars with the same idea. I had seen the sea water higher, but the weather forecast said that the typhoon had not really reached Tamano yet so I expect it to rise a little more. The roadside ditches, however, were filled with water and lined with sandbags.

I walked to a nearby playground and hid under the slide watching the rain. After a while I ran back home where Shoko and Shun laughed while I changed back into dry clothes.


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