Thousands of Miles from Home


From Unexpected Places

Today was the usual type of Autumn day in japan. Except exciting for me because I haven't experienced many before. I went to school with the crisp cool air whipping through my hair as I passed the sea. The day was equally pleasant, with bright sun and slight breezes.

After school was when things got interesting. Shoko, Andee, Sam, and a ton of other people went to a party at Yamashita-san's house. Josh was also there, the guy who is visiting Tamano but lives in China. We talked about what he does in china, and I was really captivated about his life. After we talked about his restaurant which seems to be very unique in China (serving bagels, ice cream, and other hard to get items). He also mentioned that he has been studying tai chi (which blows me away), and I think I might try to get together with him in the next couple of weeks. Overall a very nice guy to talk with, and his wife brought a video tape of their wedding in China which was shown at the party.

On my bikeride home from school today I stopped by the sea because the scenery is just too beautiful. Some night I want to climb up to the top of a mountain and watch the sunset. For now I am very sleepy and would be content some sleep before a big day tomorrow in Tsuyama.


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