Thousands of Miles from Home


More Observations

I watched eXistenZ with my host family tonite after a trip to the video shop because a typhoon is coming. There was a cool rain all day which wasn't too uncomfortable compared to the usual hot and humid weather. I have been studing hiragana pretty heavily for the past two days, so as far as that is concerned I consider myself literate and can read at a decent pace. The books from the Okayama language school are very good and I think internationally known for japanese instruction, so I suppose I can't really go wrong.

In school during "International Social and Human Being (that was the only description on my schedule)" which is usually a class about world cultures, there was a section where we split into groups and played charades about topics in the news (I think). A student from each team went to the front of the room and the teacher showed them a picture which they had to convey to their team without using words. Some examples were a picture of Ichiro and another of a japanese film star. Then, during my turn, I was completely confused when my picture showed two cartoon cats riding a unicycle. I was so dumbfounded that I sort of stared at the photo for a minute trying to figure out what to do. I got my team to guess unicycle but the teacher said they had to guess the entire picture so one of the other kids just drew the picture on the board. I still don't know the signifigance of unicycling cats.

Also, in case the picture was unclear, the photo of the blue car with something sticking out of it was taken last night after our drive home from the AET party. All the way home Shoko and I heard stratching noises coming from outside the car, but we just assumed it was a tree branch or something. We get home, step out of the car, and start to go inside when I spot what I guess is a sun visor stuck in Shoko's door which we dragged outside the car in the rain for about 3 miles. It was dark so I guess she didn't see it when she stepped out of the car. I really hope someone saw the car while we were driving home and it made their day.


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