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Party Party

Today I went to school late because the first few periods were off which was very nice because I could sleep in. After school there was no kendo so I got thrown around in judo for a little while until I decided to bike home.

Around 6 Shoko and I went to an AET (english teacher's) party thrown by the city of Tamano. As usual Jes, John Davey and Sam were there, as well as Neil from Boston and a bunch of locals who could speak english well. It was held above Jacasse, an excellent italian restaurant which provided the catering. I introduced myself in japanese then ate a ton of food (delicious), and mingled. I got to meet my second host mother again, as well as some kids that live near her house. I also met Miwako Tateishi who works for Tamano city and as I found out later knew quite a bit about me. She was educated in England (which I only discerned after she spelled the word "colour") and her english was excellent. It was her job to translate my five page rotary paper describing myself into japanese for the Mayor of Tamano, whom I will be meeting later this month. So consequently she probably knows more about me than anyone in Tamano. And was very nice too! I don't know if I would have the patience for a task like that.

There is a picture of me on Tamano High School's website, the fifth picture down on the left side (see if you can tell which one is me). It says I joined the "folk song" club, but I don't think I would consider Blink-182 a folk song.

In japanese staplers are called "Hotchkiss," after Benjamin Hotchkiss who invented the stapler.


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