Thousands of Miles from Home


That's right you guessed it

You get a special surprise, my pretties. I finally found a decent AVI converter so I posted some videos.

Singing "The Rock Show" at the school festival
Rock Show part II

The AC/DC jazz song at Shun's school festival

Video of the typhoon's effect on a flooded street (featuring Yuudai)

The opening ceremony of the school festival

You can have some more once I am in the mood. Today I had my first judo class, where we learned to fall correctly. Then after school there was no kendo so I had my first judo match against an opponent. It was as if I moved from baby steps (the morning judo lesson) to high speed running (a judo match against trained opponent). Luckilly, no one was injured and I even won the match. Judo is a lot of fun but makes you very very hot/sweaty. There was a cool rain on the ride home so that was enjoyable. Shoko made steaks for dinner, my favorite.

So desu ne?


  • Ben--i really enjoyed your videos so much. thanks for posting them. we all love reading your very clever writing. keep up the good work and l'shana tova.
    love, sarah and the weiss's

    By Anonymous, at 6:21 PM  

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