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Haunted house jazz festival

Today andee and I went to the Konan High School Festival, Shun's school, to view the festivities. The first thing I noticed was the size of the school, it's huge!. Much larger than Tamako, but also farther away. We met Shun at the front gate and he introduced us to his friend who goes to Tomako. She took us around for most of the day.

First we went to some rooms to see the club's presentations. The english club had some photos of an english camp, including some hunorous captions. The art club had pictures and sculpture, and Shun's club, science club, had a bunch of interesting science experiments (and one of those machines that shows the waveform of your voice). Perhaps the most exciting display was the "haunted house" that had been constructed in a large conference room. Cardboard was over the windows to keep it dark, and groups went in a few people at a time with a small flashlight to be scared by people jumping out from around corners. It was pretty thrilling, actually. At one point the girl next to me fell down a stair because I had the flashlight pointed at a kid in a funny horse mask.

We ate some lunch that was prepared by a club, then went to see a concert. I wasn't sure of the name of the band, but as I approached the room i heard guitars, drums, base, and an organ. Sort of reminded me of the doors. I was pleasantly surprised when I walked in and found that the whole band was girls singing some japanese rock song. Andee and i rocked out there for a while, then went outside to see the brass band perform. They played "tequilla" and some 80s rock song that i can't remember but should. It's the one that everyone learns on the guitar. In the middle of the brass band performace, the male baritone sax player put on a long blond wig and started to sing. I have no idea why but it was funny to watch.

Shoko took andee and I home, then in the evening Shoko, her mother (who lives next to us), Masatoshi, and I went to a swing jazz concert. Most of the people in attendance were old, but I recognized some songs like "The Pink Panther," "All of Me," and a louie armstrong song.


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