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Sports Day

I'm both tired and sunburned, but still had a pretty amazing day on the scorching dirt field of Tamano High School. I went to school around the usual time, and quickly changed into my gym clothes. All the kids assembled on the field for the opening ceremony. The principal said a few words and the games began.

The whole school was divided into 7 blocks, or teams. And each team was assigned a color. The teams create cheers, giant billboards, dance routines, and pick atheletes to compete in a variety of events. And everyone can dance, not just simple steps. Intricate moves that are memorized and performed (i have many videos which will be added soon).

In the morning there were various relay races and cheers. I was involved in some race where kids run to a table which has signs that tell them what they need before they run a lap around the field, such as "run with an english teacher" or "balance a tennis ball on a racket and run a lap." I suppose there was a sign that said "skip a lap with an exchange student."

After lunch was when the real fun began. Every block prepared a performance that was cheroegraphed with music. There were really amazing and fun to watch. The winning team's performance involved about 40 kids all dancing in sync. After the performances I was in a 30 kid jumprope competition and a race where 20 kid's ankles are tied together.

I have to pause because this is funny. My host mom and Jittan just asked me if I knew "mark." After a little discussion i realized they were talking about karl marx. then they asked about his friend whose name sounds like angus or august. that was Friedrich Engels. I am laughing pretty hard.

The whole day was very fun, but very hot and sweaty. I forgot to mention that yesterday, after the purchase of my phone, i received two disney towels. My e-mail address on the phone is So send me an e-mail (with pictures or sounds if you want) and I can feel technological.
UPDATE: If sending pictures use the e-mail address :D


  • You are killing me with the technology. :)
    Love you,

    By Katy, at 8:57 PM  

  • When I tried to send mail to your phone it said something like "default mail client is not properly logged on"

    By Katy, at 9:40 PM  


    By Katy, at 9:41 PM  

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