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The Day I Bought a Phone

Today I realized how in-the-dark america is as far as cell phones. Granted, my phone was pretty bad back home, with about 30 minutes of battery life and a black and white display, but these phones are CRAZY.

But more about the phones later. First, a bit of good news. Luckily, Andee took some pictures of me at the school festival yesterday, so I have some proof that it really happened. Also, I sang again today and got a video of the whole performance (including a ben folds five song). Once I can find the time, I'll upload some video. For now, enjoy the pictures. Today's festival involved some performances on stage and some music in the judo dojo. There was also a comedy show and karaoke performance on the plaza. Andee did some tae-kwan-do which was quite impressive. After school Andee came home with me so I could procure his pictures. Then we went to get my phone.

First of all, my phone was cheap. And the service is about the same cost as it is in America. But this phone is not only tiny, but is also a two megapixel camera, can send e-mail, has a huge screen on the inside and outside of the phone, plays Super Mario, and controlls the TV. As well as tons of other features I have not discovered yet. And it's pretty.

Tomorrow is sports day, so I'm looking forward to a hot and sweaty day. The weather here is wonderful, but sometimes I miss winter :D


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