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Let's join our hoop

I saw an Aflac commercial on TV today, with the duck and everything.

With the school festival and sports day right around the corner, today's classes were suspended so kids could prepare their dances, posters, and cheers. I'm not assigned to a specific group, so I could browse the groups and meet people. Recently, I've been hanging out with Wataru and Yasu, who are in a "melodic punk rock" band called HOOP (with the catch line "Let's join our hoop"). Their old band was named S-calgo (I suppose a relative of escargot). They also sing in English which makes for funny lyrics but I like them. Wataru gave me their cd and in the cover are the lyrics. But, for the school festival, I am going to sing with their band to two Blink 182 songs, First Date and Rock Show. At first I wasn't sure if I wanted to sing, but after I went to one of HOOP's practices I was convinced their musical skill could make up for my lack of talent. I have the lyrics memorized and there will be hardcore loud guitars/base/drums in the background so I can jump around and act crazy and that should do.

Also in the school festival I'm going to have a poster that shows West Virginia and some information about me. This is through the English Speaking Society, or ESS. I've found that the girl next to me in homeroom speaks excellent English, and is also learning Portuegese (I can't even spell it), and some French. So she makes an excellent translator and is fun to talk to.

Sunday is a rotary meeting in Okayama with all the rotary kids in the area. I don't know how many there are, but I assume at least four or five. I think we'll meet the district governor of rotary and have a little party.

I'm sure there is a ton that I'm not thinking of at the moment. Like school lunch. Wow, the cafeteria is much better than america high school. It's like having Yama at school everyday. Usually, my host mom packs a bento, and I get some Udon or Curry-Rice at the school. Plus, throughout the day you can buy food like teriyaki chicken or cream puffs during the ten minute breaks betwen classes.

After school today I went to "Happy Town" to buy a folder and some markers to make my poster. Shoko and Miyu went to Kobe to find an apartment for Miyu at college.


  • moderate punk rock is an oxymoron


    By Anonymous, at 10:47 AM  

  • We are at the public library in Seattle. We want a video of the punk performance. Poor Rahul and all of that marching. He could be dancing!

    By Katy, at 4:41 PM  

  • Ok, I started mine.

    By Kostya the Bear, at 5:25 PM  

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