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I forgot to mention that yesterday was the first time I saw the correct lyrics to "Smells Like Teen Spirit." Also, the artist in the Japanese rap video is called RIP SLYME. Awesome name, eh?
The other night we ate Shabu-Shabu, which involves boiling meat, mushrooms, and tofu in a pot of water at the dinner table. Tonight I went to eat japanese pizza, which did not resemble a pizza in many ways except shape but tasted okay. Also ice cream is called soft cream. A little more pleasant.
However, today I got to go rock climbing at a local gym! It was a small wall and we didn't have a rope but I still enjoyed myself. Andee also went, who had never tried climbing before, and seemed to enjoy it. To get into the rock wall we needed someone who was a member of the outdoor club at the gym, so Shoko called a woman who ended up being my third host mom. There are just two people in the family but she seems very nice, and having a membership to a climbing wall can't be bad.
At school I've received a lot of challenges to arm wrestling. So far I'm undefeated with my left arm. I also think I will try kendo as a club activity. But I'll do a little shopping before I choose.
Today I got to see the military remove trash from Tamano in large military vehicles after the Typhoon. And the weather is wonderful.


  • This sounds all too wonderful. You sound like you're having an incredible time. Oh...stupid question- what do japanese keyboards look like? Do they use keyboards or is all of the figure drawing system you were writing about?

    By Anonymous, at 10:55 PM  

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