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Calculus Kyudo

Today was my first calculus class in high school. To most, I'm sure the phrase "harder than chinese algebra comes to mind." However, I found the class to be easy after the intense preparation for the AP test. I like the teacher too. He has way too much energy, but is enthuiastic and the class is civilized. And being in math I relearning algebra was not my idea of a good time.

In the evening, I attended my first kyudo class (japanese archery) with shoko, her friend, and andee. The first thing that struck me was the beauty of the kyudo jo. It's wonderful. A fusion of traditional japanese archatecture with modern conveniences (this fusion can be seen everywhere in japan). The kyudo instructors are also very nice, and even though all the instruction is in japanese, i could still understand what was going on through some one on one instruction. We didn't shoot any arrows today, but i did get to see some very advanced students practicing.

As for right now, I'm very tired. But I have uploaded one more video for the masses.

The winning group demonstration at the sports day (only a piece of the action but still stunning)


  • Adelphia won't let me read my mail this morning so I'm writing here. Ordered the computer last night at the Dzurnak's. All my mail was bounced yesterday because the mailbox was overloaded (which it was not). Did you notice that Sarah Muffly left a message at your website?
    You are too busy. It makes my head spin. Enjoy yourself. I love you.

    By mom, at 9:51 AM  

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