Thousands of Miles from Home


Get It Together

From the banks of the Charles River, the work comes in waves here at MIT.  While that’s to be expected, it’s too early to make many definite statements about the difficulty of this college, other than it being very “hard.”  Kids scramble to finish problem sets and threaten to lock themselves in rooms to study, but the median score on my first math test was still a 67.  Not too hot coming from the best and brightest in the nation.  Even so, I’m reassured by the prospect of pass/no record, if only to keep the educational flood waters from rising too quickly.

This weekend I played intramural bowling as well as basketball, doing considerably better in one of those (I’ll let you decide).  It was alumni weekend at Theta Chi, some old faces showed up to introduce themselves to the new, and a good time was had by all.  Rosh Hashana services tomorrow, followed by a required TIPS alcohol training seminar.  For now: homework and a Sunday afternoon nap.


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