Thousands of Miles from Home


School rumbles, house parties, and trips to Osaka are how this Rotary exchange student finishes out his year. Stay tuned for the gripping end to his crazy story, with guitar accompaniment where available... Posted by Picasa


  • i'ts my last night here in Japan.
    I have just come home ' chooou-happy' - I have had a really good last day to finish off the year and I have the feeling that I said Good-bye properly ( which is very imoportant!)
    Now... well, I wouldlike to blog , but there is some kind of erra- I am just doing some brain-storming in my brain, and will write it in my diary afterwards.
    Ben no omoide mo dete kita :-)
    It's raining- the sky is crying because I am going home tomorrow - but I haven't cried the whole because it was just so perfect :-) korekara ne ..
    I will eat .. yes you guesses right if you guessed now .. o-mochi, and then I'll go out to see Tokyo Tower by night ( maybe that's why u came to my mind ) and drink a MatchaFrappuccino .

    I am really happy that I had the chance to meet you and I wish you all the best for the rest of time in Japan, the flight home, the first few weeks at home , and the time after that

    Keep in touch , ne

    By anna, at 7:08 AM  

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