Thousands of Miles from Home


With a Banjo on My Knee

Because my life wasn’t hectic enough, but mainly to get away from some of the hustle and bustle of everyday Japanese life, I’ll be taking a 4 day weekend in Tottori Prefecture for fun in the sun, a visit to a famous onsen, and the world-famous San-In beach party. Always one to please (and save money), I will be arriving in style inside of an 18-wheeler big rig truck driven by a friend of my host mother. This seems like the setting for one hell of a great Japanese adventure, and an excellent way to end my second to last week in Japan.

In other news, the day I arrived in Japan one of the Rotarians who came to greet me at the airport informed me that he played the guitar, and I told him I would love to hear him play. 11 months later, I finally got my chance to hear Tanomura-san play the 10-string Spanish guitar, an instrument he has been studying since Junior High school. I had never seen this type of guitar before, and in fact didn’t even know it even existed. Tanomura-san was amazing, and I captured some videos of his musical performance.

But for now it’s off to the beach with a bottle of sunscreen. Major updates to follow. And balloon animals for the kids.


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