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Back to the Grind

Last Sunday, the respective Rotary Clubs of Tamano, Tsuyama, and Okayama threw a goodbye party for the three Rotary Exchange Students in the prefecture of Okayama. While I still have two more months left in Japan, Cori will be leaving “The Big J” on May 24, and Janna ships home on the 1st of June. The Outbound Japanese students who will be traveling to America next year almost made an appearance at the party, so Cori, Janna, and I filled them in on what to expect on their exchanges (I was a little late in arriving but made a grand entrance into the conference room at the Plaza Hotel).

Following the meeting teachers, host families, Rotarians, and bystanders off the street came together for a massive afternoon banquet. I gave my “farewell address” to the Rotarians, in Japanese, and didn’t make any horrible mistakes. I also gave Aketa-san, my counselor, a gift from Kobe which he thoroughly enjoyed.

After the party I came home, played a quick game of Mahjong, and promptly fell asleep for 14 hours.

Golden Week, two thumbs way up.


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