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A view of Okayama's Sakura blossoms in spring 


  • you're doing Kendo??? oh great! we can fight eachother next time you come ^^

    this month we have renshuu shiai at least once every week. one of our teachers moved to another school, so the coach decided we needed some new "inspiration" hahahahaha we practiced REALLY hard during spring break and now that classes have started again, we (students) all figured it would all come back to normal BUT: we were sooooooooooo wrong hahahahha

    also! we had this campaign to have new people in the club, considering the new 1 nen sei but apparently i would be better off selling vacuum cleaners: we got 4 new people in our list. they haven't showed up yet (still some burocracy and blablablas) but i think from tomorrow on, the 1 nen sei will appear at their chosen clubs. i really really hope more than 4 students will show up tomorrow hahaha


    things are pretty normal, i'm taking nice classes and only one unknown teacher. Higuchi-sensei turned out to be a great math teacher, inspite of what the other students make of her. tall, determined, good teacher, strict, follows the rules by the book (which can be kind of... shitty..), elegant style, a very jimina hito but leaves an impression. :) and very very punctual :))))

    oh well, always waiting for your mails...

    take care Little Archie :*

    By ana, feeling very motemote, at 8:27 AM  

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