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We Don't Need No Education

English class would be one of the better blocks of time during my day, usually because I have a decent understanding of what is going on. Today, in the middle of a particularly boring dissertation on the difference between which, whom, and who, Izawa (who sits in the back corner) said, "There are so many English words, I bet I could just write down some letters and Ben could understand it." He proceeded to write down these words on a large sheet of paper, occasionally holding it up for me to see on the other side of the room:

"Tachy" -which is a prefex, two points for effort
"Sative" - which I later discovered is actually a word

and my personal favorite,
"Bacxaro," who could very well be the next batman villain.

I was surprised how close he came to actual English words. I bet I could easily get away with slipping "weracy" into some english conversation. "The crowd was struck with a deep feeling of morgast."

So congratulations Izawa, you are a fake-English master


  • Ben, this is phil disalvo, and i thought i should pass on some news to you concerning dr.seitz. unfortunately it is not great news, but you should know. dr.seitz has been having some health problems recently, and last night he had a bad fall after a lecture at the mountainlair. he has badly broken both of his legs and needs surgery. We've been told that while in the process of taking care of that, they also discovered some type of cancer. I'm writing because i know you share the same respect and admiration for dr.seitz that we all do, and on more than one occasion he has spoken highly of you. I know hearing from you would really make a difference to him. I hope there is some way you can contact him from where you are. thanks.

    By phil disalvo, at 8:44 PM  

  • one thing to add to the seitz message: i do not have a sn on the clearly no message board, so i was hoping you could post a notice on their as well for all the other class of 04 seitz fans. i have his home mailing address so but i dont think it would be right to post it online, but if anyone would like it to send a card or whatnot they can email me at to get the address. thanks again

    By phil disalvo, at 9:13 PM  

  • Everything sounds incredible, fabulous, naked, wonderful!
    I have found a drummer boy called Dylan who has stolen your smile and constantly wears it around. I have taken to calling him Ben in hopes that he will feel guilty and return it to you as soon as possible.
    My sister is a nursing student and will check on Dr. Seitz so I hope I can update you on his condition as soon as possible. (eek!)
    You know what? I miss you.

    By Anonymous, at 9:44 PM  

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