Thousands of Miles from Home


My host mother preparing a tasty bowl of tea 


  • Dad wants to know if that is a tree in the tea room

    By Dad, at 5:09 PM  

  • I enjoy how you referred to yourself in the 3rd person parental, but no it is not a real tree. It may have once been living, but the tea room is very "traditional" and therefore fashioned with various objects that refer to nature. It think it is more of a partition to keep the tea-er from the tea-ee

    By Benjamin, at 10:49 PM  

  • oh, and now I discovered another hole on the big toe....time to buy new socks , what do you think ?

    sorry, this commment doesn't have to do anything to do with the chadou,
    but I felt like expressing my sock-problem right now ..

    take care and have a wonderful day :-)

    By someone having a hole in her left sock at the height of the 4th toe, at 1:03 AM  

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