Thousands of Miles from Home


Almost walked right into this one 


  • Wow.. you're a guy and you like "princess bride"? ggg it's awesome though. and you read Hemingway. Geez, you guys change my perception of the world, meaning Americans. since Bush became president, we all assumed you guys can't be quite sane...

    By Nora, at 6:38 AM  

  • True (and this refers to the 48%)*lol
    Maybe it's Europe's counter-arrogance if that makes any sense. Dunno. You probably heard all that changing-french fries-into-freedom fries-thing. we all thought it was petty and started generalizing. Just like everybody else I suppose:/. And "the old Europe". And "the axis of evil". hehehe. But then again, you look at germany and how nearly 50% of the population vote for a party that is contra gay-marriage and all conservative ("let's just support everybody that has money already (= ourselves and the upper class) and take that moeny we stick in our own pocket from those who don't have it) and you ask yourselves "who really are the idiots?". And my conclusion is "pretty much everybody" *shrug

    ..sorry, I'm always getting a bit heated up about politics:)

    thanks for the compliment anyway (about seeming interesting even though you're right, pretty much everything on my page is in german so I wonder how your first impression formed, really;)), i can give that back:)

    ..I hope I'm not being too random, by the way. most people get freaked out when they meet me or I'm just blabbing on about some crap and they don't even know me ggg I hope kostya is ok with that as well. I'm really keen to meet him. it's gonna be good meeting someone interesting that shares this exchange-experience. i imagine coming home much harder then going away. i just had the most awesome time this year and I'm afraid I'm gonna appear even more weird to the people at home and nobody will be able to relate to what an exchange student goes through.
    How's Japan treating you? probably very different to western culture, is it?
    Australia really is halfway like home apart from the environment...

    The video, hihi:) that's a school thing. We've got a videogroup led by the coolest teacher in school (the school that Kostya goes to as well) where we make up stories and screenplays and then produce those incredibly bad and random films. unfortunately they don't seem to be available for download yet.

    Soooo I'm really curious (after blabbing on about myself for ages:/), what do you do, how's your life like at home, what's japan like?


    By Nora, at 5:10 AM  

  • yeah, sorry it's me again...
    I just browsed through your blog and just wanted to say it's absolutely GREAT! You're putting in so much effort, it's amazing. I bet your friends and family love it. i wish i would have done that!!! (but that'd fail anyway because I'm a) a complete idiot as far as messing around with photos or anything on the computer that is a bit more complicated then writing an email is concerned and b) because i don't own a digital camera anyway..)((Geez that was a long sentence! Now i'm really finishing off. really.))

    By Nora, at 5:26 AM  

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