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My absentee ballot finally came yesterday so I rushed to the post office to get it out quick. It's probably too late but I'll only be kicking myself if WV goes to Bush by only one vote. Watching the news yesterday I was informed that a new cellphone law went into effect in Japan. It is now illegal to use cellphones in cars, and police officers had been pulling over drivers all day for the $60 fine. I didn't catch all the details but from what I could tell phones must cause quite a few accidents every year.

Also in the news was the announcement for new money. For the first time in 20 years Japan is issuing new 1000, 5000, and 10000 yen bills ($10, $50, and $100). Unlike American money, japanese bills display famous artists and inventors, as well as polital leaders. The 1000 bill, which used to feature Natsume Soseki (a writer) now features a woman (of whose profession I am uncertain). The 5000 bill now has a guy with crazy hair (who to my delight I discovered was a scientist). The new bills also feature various safety features and color changing ink, like the $20 bills in America.


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