Thousands of Miles from Home



This is a glossary that will be added to in the future and is no way complete, but I thought I would give it a trial post in case you were scratching your head about something.

Andee Lim - Exchange student from Malaysia who goes to my school (not in Rotary)
Bizen - A type of traditional Japanese pottery (Also a city about an hour from my house)
Cori Reed - Exchange student from Canada
Doe - A deer, a female deer
Hiragana - Syllabic writing system for Japanese words
Janna Hall - Exchange student from Virginia
John Davey - English teacher at my school from Canada
Judo - Japanese martial art involved in throwing your opponent
Kanji - System of Japanese writing based on Chinese characters
Katakana - Syllabic writing system for borrowed or foreign words
Kendo - Japanese martial art involving the sword
Kyudo - Japanese martial art involving the bow
Mai Watanabe - My host sister, 21, who is studying Dentistry in Chiba
Masatoshi Watanabe - My host father, a children's physician, who enjoys going to lectures and collecting all things dog-related
Miyu Watanabe - My host sister, 18, who is studying English in Kobe
Okayama - The Prefecture in Japan that I live in
Okayama City - About an hour away by train or bus, lots of entertainment
Purikura - Shortened form of "Print Club" translated into Japanese, sort of an awesome photo booth
Sensei - Title given to doctors, teachers, and various other professional positions
Shinkansen - High speed bullet train
Shoko Watanabe - My host mother, enjoys painting
Shun Watanabe - My host brother, 16 years old
Tamano - My town in Japan
Tamano High School - Also known as Tamako, about 15 minutes away by bike
Tanaka-san - A man who lives close to my house and has traveled the world, picking up many languages. He teaches english for free and sometimes I help in the evenings


  • Oh, so that is what purikura is suppose to be...Print Club. I could never figure out what English word/phrase purikura represented. And that multi-language karaoke sounded tre cool. (I wanted to use `tre` in a sentence)

    By Rahul Syamlal, at 11:26 AM  

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