Thousands of Miles from Home



Good lord who knew the taco yaki would get such a huge response. And yes it is made of octopus, which I knew but mistyped because squid should be the same as octopus anyway. And in a weird twist of fate my haircut was only 20$; they actually called our house to tell us we had overpaid. Where else in the world would that ever happen?

But I have some new videos for ya'

The crowd and cart entering the shrine

Taking the cart up and down the steps (which were covered in sand to make it easier)

Running back and forth with the ropes

Picking up the cart

Yeah it was a very cool festival


  • I'd say it's best to be on top of the cart! I'm not suprised you are getting thrown around in your judo class after seeing these videos.

    By mom, at 9:59 AM  

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