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Tea Party

I made a major discovery last night in figuring out how to transfer pictures from my phone to cpmuter and vice versa using infrared. Not surprisingly, the company makes it difficuly because they can charge money for pictures sent via e-mail, but swapping pictures phone to phone is free (although it is limited to pictures taken with the camera, not downloaded). The whole process was simple in the end, using MIME64 encoding with a detail header (which I was not familiar with and was expained in japanese), so I would like to write a program that will convert gif/jpg files and simplify the task. Pretty geeky right? Plus my programming is rusty so this should help refresh my memory.

Yesterday I went with Shoko and Andee to a lunch party at the english language school which I helped clean after the typhoon/insuing flood. Jittan was also there and bought me something from Disneyland Toyko. The JET at my school, John Davey, as well as a few other english teachers from the area were also at the party. I learned that John Davey and Sam, a local english teacher, are both DJs, with some knowledge about clubs in the area.

At the party there was plenty of food, as well as plenty of people who were studying english so I tried to speak Japanese while the students spoke to me in English. After three hours of eating, I went home, did a little reading, and took a nap before Kyudo.

Kyudo was excitng because even though it was our second day, we got to shoot at real targets. Before the Kyudo lesson begins, everyone assembled in the main shooting area and bows three times, claps twice, and bows again. I'm not sure what this symolizes but it is interesting.

My aim wasn't that bad from a close distance, and on one shot I surprised everybody, as well as myself, when I shot an arow already in the target, splitting it in half. I got to keep the broken arrow as a souvenier. Kyudo is based as much on the routine as on the actual shot, and there are an extensive set of steps and gestures that mjust be performed before firing the arrow. But it is relaxing and fun.

Today I got a library card to the Tamano City Library. Not many english books, but an okay selection.


  • woah. with kyudo here it would take weeks to get to the targets and using actual bows, and if someone split an arrow they'd probably be angry and make them buy a new one.

    and you should ask around and find a fun club to go to...if kids there can go to clubs that is...and if not, there's something sneaky you can do. :)


    By Anonymous, at 12:08 PM  

  • i like taking pictures. it makes me stand out a little, but no one stares.

    and i almost always squat the angle.

    By Kostya the Bear, at 2:51 PM  

  • good luck converting that stuff!

    By drifting, at 2:13 PM  

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