Mario for the Blind
65 million visually impaired people have never had the excitement of playing games like Mario. Mario for the Blind is an accessible version of Mario that can be played through sound alone

Cock-eyed Mahjong
Fast-paced variation on the classic Japanese version of the game. Play with friends on against the computer

Symphony of Satellites
Generate music based on the trajectories of satellites currently overhead using data from norad

Instant Coding Answers via the Command Line

Yet Another Choose Your Own Adventure
Your digital host guides you through a deathly Choose Your Own Adventure game pirated from the Library of Congress

Automatic DJ
Generate playlists from the faces of people at your party

Your personalized guide to Lollapalooza. LollapaYOUza learns about your tastes to recommend bands you would enjoy at the festival. Grand Prize winner and Official Fan App of 2012

Broadcast edgy messages (from your derrière) that make people look, and then think. Shock Bottoms are sweatshop free and sustainably produced loungewear that you can get behind

Explore the dungeons of Wikipedia, Encarta '95 style

Bridge is a social discovery and recommendation service for people looking to explore new areas or rediscover familiar spots that suggests who you should meet and how you should break the ice